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CRAFTed Online Education Resources are designed to support the Irish Primary School Curriculum and promote the quality work that Irish designer and makers contribute to our classrooms through the CRAFTed programme.

The guided learning resources emphasis the making journey, allowing space for experimentation, active learning and personal growth for students. Professional makers & designers from a variety of art forms share their years of knowledge and wisdom about materials, design processes, making techniques, and where to seek inspiration and stimulus. 


Teachers are supported in the delivery of fabric & fibre, clay, construction, print and design strands of the Visual Art Curriculum. These exciting new resource’s emphasis the cross curricular potential of CRAFTed in areas such as literacy, numeracy, SESE and SPHE. They aim to inspire confidence for all involved, both teachers and learners, so that they may engage with craft and design as a means to explore and grow their own creative skills as well as many more skills for life.

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Izzy Wheels.png

Founder of Izzy Wheels, Ailbhe Keane shares where the idea for her business came from by taking us back to where it all began and kindly sharing photos from her childhood to illustrate how her and her sister Izzy’s passion for art and fashion brought them to where they are today, working with Barbie no less!


Little did Ailbhe and Izzy know that one day their passion for art as children would bring joy to many wheel chair users around the world. It is an inspiring story for teachers to share with their students. Their story demonstrates how students can impact their own lives, their family’s and wider community through design. Ailbhe invites students to join her design team and have a go at designing a wheel chair cover, like all the inspiring artists and designers Izzy Wheels now work with.

Collecting textures.jpg

Collecting Textures presented by CRAFTed Education Panel member Chloe Dowds. There are so many fun ways to work with clay. This workshop explores collecting objects and pressing them into clay to create textures.


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Making a Coil Pot Tutorial by CRAFTed Education Panel Member Chloe Dowds. This resource is being promoted as part of The Festival of Curiosity. 


Tutorial designed to support 3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th class primary school students with strands from the Visual Art and SESE curriculum.

Find accompanying lesson plan here.

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CRAFTed FeltMaking Lesson Plan-1.jpg

Wool under a Microscope presented by CRAFTed Education Panel member Gabi McGrath. Before you learn the process of felt making watch this video and learn all about what makes a good fiber for felting.


Felt Mk.jpg

Laura McNamara

Suitability Senior Classes

Clay, Slab Building


Join ceramist Laura McNamara from her studio in Co. Waterford to learn how to build with clay slabs. Create an imagined dwelling using these new techniques. Video tutorial and and Clay factsheet with lots of new clay vocabulary to accompany this clay slab building lesson plan. Lots of opportunities for integration across the whole curriculum.


Felt-Making Tutorial by CRAFTed Education Panel Member Gabi Mc Grath is inspired by the Stokes Tapestry from the National Museum of Ireland, Collins Barrick’s, Dublin.


Tutorial designed to support 5th & 6th class primary school students with strands from the Visual Art and SESE curriculum.

Find accompanying lesson plan here.

Fabric and fibre copy.jpg

Rebecca Marsden

Suitability: Senior Classes

Fabric & Fibre, Circular Knitting


Irish fashion designer and knitwear specialist Rebecca Marsden shows students how to construct a circular knitting loom and use it to create a hot air balloon. This learning resource is designed to support primary school students with the Fabric & Fibre and construction strands of the Visual Arts curriculum, also integrating literacy and mathematics strands.


Accompanying video tutorial and slide shows to guide students through the whole process. Advanced vocabulary words related to Fabric & fibre included. Lots of opportunities for integration across the whole curriculum.

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Circular knit.png
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