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Nurturing your Creativity

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DesignCIRCLE is a CPD initiative designed and delivered by Design and Crafts Council Ireland and Junior Cycle Teachers -Visual Arts/Arts in Junior Cycle. This initiative matches a designer with a group of up to 5 post primary art teachers to undertake a design project together.  

Designers share their own personal approaches and insights to the design process. They lead the group through the different stages of the design project, exploring practical and creative approaches that participants may use in their own work. Group discussion and reflection is facilitated.

Teachers are provided with a safe, supportive and experimental space to further develop their own design processes. Teacher may choose to work in a medium they feel comfortable in, or they may work in a new medium. DesignCIRCLE groups are multi-disciplinary and encourage peer learning.

DesignCIRCLE was designed to link in with the key skills and principles of the new Junior Cycle. 

DesignCIRCLE is a partnership between the Design & Crafts Council Ireland the Junior Cycle for Teachers. It is part funded through the National Creativity Fund. 

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