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CRAFTed is the DCCI’s nationwide primary schools programme, working with teachers, craftspeople and learners. CRAFTed aims to provide skills for life through positive, collaborative and joyful engagement with craft and design processes. By emphasising the making journey rather than finished products, CRAFTed allows space for experimentation, active learning and personal growth. It focuses on harnessing the creativity of every child, valuing individual creative expression. CRAFTed is unique in that it facilitates hands-on ‘in classroom’ learning with skilled Irish makers, promoting the insightful and innovative contribution they have to offer formal education environments. Additionally, it provides professional development opportunities for teachers and craftspeople keeping them up to date on best practice delivery of craft and design education, and emphasising the cross curricular potential of CRAFTed in areas such as literacy, numeracy, SESE and SPHE. At the core of CRAFTed is a desire to inspire the confidence of all involved, teachers, craftspeople and learners, so that they may engage with craft and design as a means to explore and grow their own creative skills.


“Working with a skilled craftsperson unleashed the combined creativity of all participants in a productive, enjoyable process, of which we are still reaping the benefits” – Karen Brogan, CRAFTed Teacher

"CRAFTed has been an immensely enjoyable and rewarding experience for me as a designer-maker. It has reminded me on several occasions to always allow enough space throughout the design process to allow for change, development and adaptation" 

–  Anna Vahey, Fashion Designer

CRAFTed is delivered in partnership with the Association of Teachers’ Education Centres of Ireland (ATECI).

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